How Does Market Volatility Affect Retirement Income? (& the Best possible Investments for High-Inflation Environments)

Without income, you have no retirement. Yet, there are experts in our field saying that you might want to rethink your income strategy in today’s market.

In this episode, we’re diving into the traditional 4% rule for withdrawals from retirement accounts. Does it still apply? Does it need to be adjusted? Additionally, we’re answering a question sent in about the best investments for high-inflation environments.

We hope there are a lot of great takeaways for you from this conversation!


Key Takeaways: 

1) Inflation and market volatility are affecting rates of return. The traditional 4% rule for withdrawals from our retirement accounts might still be applicable, but this needs to be something we’re prepared to be flexible with.

2) We need to know where our money is coming from and why. Is your money parked in enough places that can weather the storm of a bad market? Are you well-prepared for the circumstances that could come our way?

3) Social security will likely be affected by inflation, which will probably impact taxes. Everything is connected together, and these increases do have significant impacts on our financial plan and our retirement. Are you prepared?

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