4 Tips to Ensure a Healthy Financial Future

4 Tips to Ensure a Healthy Financial Future

Over the last year, we’ve experienced unparalleled uncertainty about the future. Will I still be employed? Will I get sick? Can I make my house payment? How long will my children be virtually learning? What will the future look like?


All of these questions, and more, are enough to cause fear and worry about the future. But when it comes to your finances, the future doesn’t have to be as uncertain! Here are some strategies you can put in place to move towards a healthy financial future:


1. Save for a rainy day

There is no crystal ball to predict when hard times will come or when you may have additional expenses. However, you can save for those events now so it doesn’t become an emergency when your car needs an extra repair or when your child needs a trip to the ER because they took a tumble off their bike. We recommend saving at least a couple thousand dollars each year to cover these “emergencies.” Because if you plan now to cover them, they won’t feel like an emergency expense when they happen!


Breaking it Down: If you put aside $150 each month, you will have saved $1,800 after 12 months to protect against any unexpected expenses!


2. Pay more than the minimum

A recent report shared that three out of every four households in America have some kind of debt. By taking your highest, interest-accruing debt and paying more than the minimum payment, you can not only pay off your debt faster but you will also pay less overall. When you pay the additional amount, be sure you are indicating that the extra amount is going to pay off your principal balance.


3. Protect your family

Whether you currently have children, are planning to have kids, or want to be sure you are taken care of after retirement, now is the perfect time to start planning. You can protect your family by purchasing a life insurance policy, but you can also put aside funds for things like daycare, your children’s college, and funding your retirement. Each family’s goals may be different, so a financial advisor can help you crunch the numbers to determine what strategies you will need to reach your specific goals.


4. Plan for the future

One of the largest future expenses is your retirement. There are all sorts of different types of funds. You may already have a 401K, an IRA, or something else. And you may just be getting started! As the stock market varies, it’s important to keep contributing to your investments. The old adage is to buy stock when it is low and then sell when it is high but, as no one can predict when that will be, it is generally recommended to keep contributing to your investments so they pay off in the long run. Working with a financial advisor is a great way to help you make the right decisions with your investments.


You may not know what the future holds, but you can put a plan in place to have a healthy financial future. If you want to learn more or get a customized plan for your financial goals, we’d love to talk with you!


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