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Join us weekly for our Webinar series. We will be discussing important market trends, actions to take regarding your portfolio, and how to adjust your risk score based on your comfort.


210 Financial Presents: $2.2 Trillion Stimulus and Its Impact On Your Retirement

As you're probably aware, our government recently passed a $2.2 Trillion stimulus package. While this will undoubtedly create some immediate relief, we wanted to make you aware of some of the possible long-term
impacts it may have on your retirement.

That is why we brought in Marty Ruby and Becky Swansburg, authors and financial professionals to talk to our clients and community about precautions you should consider taking now and in the future. Becky and Marty are only doing a few of these webinars for us this week, so make sure you register and block out the times to attend.

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Will The Presidential Election Impact Your Retirement?

You’ve worked hard for your nest egg. Find out how you can help preserve your savings from election turbulence.

  • How presidential elections have impacted the stock market in the past
  • The toll expensive campaign promises could have on your finances
  • Ways to address the fear of the unknown

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