How We Are Supporting Peoria Rescue Ministries This Year

How We Are Supporting Peoria Rescue Ministries This Year

Each year, we like to make generosity a part of what we do and we love to invite our clients to be a part of that process. Our clients join us in this each time they refer a new client to 210 Financial and by voting for the not-for-profit organization they would like us to support each year. This year you voted and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of Peoria Rescue Ministries!

Peoria Rescue Ministries (PRM) is a gospel-centered organization devoted to creating pathways out of poverty. They focus on five areas of ministry: providing food, shelter, clothing, pregnancy and parenting services, and renewal programs. PRM has served the people of Central Illinois for 67 years!

Each year, the 210 team nominates organizations that we are passionate about that have an impact in some way on our community. Those nominated organizations are then sent to our current clients to vote on who they would like to become this year’s charity.

We are so excited to be partnering with this amazing organization to help support them and our community. It’s no secret that we value security, the peacefulness of a safe home, and the love of family. Our name, 210 Financial, even represents that by containing the number of a childhood home that encompassed all those values. While your home is meant to be a place of refuge, we strive to carry our values with us outside of those four walls. That is why it is so important to us that generosity remains a strong part of what we do.

We integrate generosity into what we do by regularly volunteering at our chosen charity throughout the year with the whole 210 team and even some of our clients. Last year, we volunteered at the Midwest Food Bank, our 2021 chosen organization, setting aside a few days throughout the year to partner with them. Be on the lookout this year if you are interested in volunteering along with our team at Peoria Rescue Ministries!

In addition to volunteering, we are committed to giving generously with our finances as well. We do this throughout the year and with our annual Pumpkin Pie Drive. In 2022, whenever a current client refers a new client to 210 Financial, we will donate to Peoria Rescue Ministries. Because of our wonderful clients in our most recent Pumpkin Pie Drive, in 2021 we were able to collectively make a total donation of over $14,000 to last year’s charity, Midwest Food Bank. At this event, we match all donations given to our yearly charity at that event. We’ll be doing that again this November if you would like to double a year-end donation to Peoria Rescue Ministries!

We are proud to be partnering with an organization that helps our neighbors and the people in our community that need it most. This is only possible because of our current and new clients in 2022 and we can’t wait to report on all that you have done for Peoria Rescue Ministries at the end of this year!


210 Financial is more than just numbers. The “210” in our name stands for a childhood home that represented safety, love, and family. That is what we want to provide for everyone that we care for. Welcome home. Welcome to 210.

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