The “Plan Your Retirement” Date: 20 Questions to Ask Your Spouse About Money

Have you and your significant other discussed finances in detail? Set a budget? Or started planning for retirement? Finances are actually among the top three areas where a couple is likely to have deep conflict, but it doesn’t have to be that way! How you and your significant other handle money, saving, spending, and investments in a united way can play a huge role in how connected you feel in your relationship.

But let’s be honest: It doesn’t always feel exhilarating to bring up the topic of money. If given the choice to discuss finances with your other half or go out for a romantic dinner, odds are most of us would all pick a romantic dinner!

Instead of avoiding finances indefinitely, why not combine the two? You can still have a fun, lighthearted date night and get on the same page financially; all it takes is a little intentionality and planning.


Introducing the “Plan Your Retirement” date:

Make a Date of It!

Rather than having an overly-serious conversation to get on the same page about money and retirement, set yourselves up for success by turning it into a fun date. The first step is to pick your favorite restaurant or an activity that you enjoy doing together. Then, use that time to ask each other a few questions (we’ve got a list below for you to pull from!). These questions can cover how finances were handled in your home growing up, what plans you hope you have for your future together, and what is most important to you.

You might even consider identifying the questions you want to talk about in advance so you both have time to prepare, or each preparing a few fun and serious questions that are important to you that you can bring to the date.

Above all else, make this a lighthearted discussion to help you connect with the heart of your loved one and become more united in your approach to finances. Oh, and make sure you end the date on a high note like grabbing your favorite dessert or playing a game together!


20 Questions You Can Ask Your Spouse About Money

If you are stuck knowing where to begin, we’ve got you covered! Here are some questions you can use on your “Plan Your Retirement” date to get the conversation going. Don’t worry if you find your partner has different answers from your own. The key to being financially compatible is open communication, compromise, and commitment to the financial plan you create together.


Pro Tip: Don’t worry about getting through the whole list of questions! Just pick some that stand out to you and let conversation flow from there.

Here are 20 questions you can ask your spouse about money:

  1. Does it feel difficult to openly discuss finances?
  2. How did your family handle finances growing up?
  3. Are there financial habits you feel like you picked up from your parents?
  4. In what ways did your parents handle money that you would like to do differently?
  5. Does it feel safe for us to talk with each other about all areas of our finances? What areas feel the most challenging?
  6. Do you want to retire close to home or somewhere else? Why?
  7. What do you envision doing in your ideal retirement?
  8. Are there any areas of our finances that feel unclear?
  9. Do you feel like we are preparing ourselves for a successful retirement? Why?
  10. Would you rather travel more once you retire or would you prefer to travel more now?
  11. Is it important to you to pay for any part of your kids’ college education?
  12. Do you feel like there is clarity around our monthly budget, expenses, and plan?
  13. What stresses you out the most about money?
  14. Do you think it is a good or a bad thing to use credit cards?
  15. Should we be tackling loans we have more aggressively?
  16. Do you feel like the way we currently split financial responsibilities makes sense?
  17. Does it feel like we are unified in our dreams for the future?
  18. How can we each better support us in getting closer to the future we envision together?
  19. What is your favorite thing to spend money on or save money for?
  20. Is the way we manage our finances preparing our kids effectively for their own futures?


Feel free to add any other questions you may have to this list. You might even decide to break these conversations up across several date nights rather than tackling them all in one night! The key is to get the conversation started about finances, and it’s an opportunity to better connect with one another as you better understand how you each think about money.

This isn’t the time to set up exactly when and how you are going to do every aspect of your combined finances. The purpose is to jumpstart the conversation and have fun connecting with your partner. Taking the time now to discuss these topics will help you build a deeper connection and have more understanding about the goals you should be setting when it comes to your finances and retirement planning.

If you are ready to put your plan in action or are ready to take the next step in coming up with a financial plan after your date, that’s why our team here at 210 Financial is here! We’d be happy to help you set long-term goals and investment strategies to help you know for certain that you have a customized financial plan. Be sure to schedule a complimentary meeting with our team or give us a call at 309.263.1333!


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