Your Resource Roundup for Tax Season: 5 Podcasts & Articles to Help You Get Ready

Did you know that nearly a third of all Americans wait until the last minute to file their taxes?[1] One of the reasons this may be the case is because it can be a complicated topic. Not to mention, if you have special circumstances that impact your taxes or are in retirement, it can feel even more confusing.

We’ve covered the topic of taxes quite a bit on both our podcast and our blog. In case you’ve missed any of our tax season resources, we wanted to compile some of the most popular ones in this list!

You’ll find everything you need to be well-prepared for tax season, how to plan for taxes in your retirement plan, and ways certain strategies may impact your taxes.


Let’s get started:

#1 – Do You Have a Strategy for Tax Season?

We know taxes are one of the most dreaded topics of conversation but with tax season right around the corner, it’s time to consider if you have a strategy to handle them. Some people love to make sure they get a refund each year rather than having to cut the government a check at tax season. Most importantly, you should consider how your tax strategy affects your overall financial plan.

Read the article here!


#2 – Preparing for Tax Season (& When to Begin Taking Social Security) – Episode 1

Taxes are such a vital portion of your financial plan, it’s no wonder that it was the topic of our first episode of the podcast! Phil and Kendall covered how to be prepared for tax season whether you have more of a fixed-tax situation or one that has a little more leeway. In this episode, we’re breaking down the difference and how it should inform how you prepare for tax season.

Watch or listen to the episode here!


#3 – Approaching Taxes in Retirement Strategically (& Making Wise Investment Goals) – Episode 2

If taxes weren’t complicated enough, things can change when you are also in or nearing retirement. In this episode, Phil and Kendall discuss how to prepare for and understand taxes in retirement. At the time of this episode, taxes are incredibly low, and so there are some intentional things we can do to move around our dollars so we aren’t hit with a crazy tax bill late in life.

Watch or listen to the episode here!


#4 – Planning for Retirement Taxes & Income – Episode 19

We’ve been telling everyone we know that there is a “tax sale” happening right now. Taxes are  some of the lowest they have ever been, and that’s a major thing to consider when it comes to your retirement planning.

If you aren’t accounting for paying taxes in your retirement strategy, then you could be surprised when you hit the point in your life to start making withdrawals and see that you owe more than you thought. Whatever your goal is in planning for retirement (regular income, passing money on to your kids, or a blend of both), it’s important to develop a unique strategy that makes sense for your situation and your goals.

Watch or listen to the episode here!


#5 – Is Life Insurance Valuable? (& Tax Implications of Converting Retirement Plans) – Episode 7

It’s usually not the goal to be “customer of the month” at the IRS. We are tackling a question sent in about Roth conversions in a retirement plan and how that could impact your taxes. It’s important to remember that converting our IRAs or 401(k)plans to Roth options is a taxable event. Everyone’s situation is different, and there are quite a few variables to consider when determining if it makes sense to have all those taxes pulled at once or through regular conversions over time.

Watch or listen to the episode here!




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