Supporting Your Loved Ones Even After You’re Gone

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. This month is such a great opportunity to be reminded of the important role life insurance plays in protecting your loved ones, and as a part of your financial plan overall.

Life insurance can feel like a tricky subject to navigate, but it is always worth considering to ensure that your loved ones are supported even after you are gone.

What Life Insurance Can Do For Your Loved Ones

Life insurance is typically thought of as a way to cover your funeral expenses and keep some level of income supporting your loved ones. While that is true, life insurance can do so much more! Life insurance can also be part of legacy planning, reducing the burden of loss, and even cover any long-term care expenses you may have.

Let’s explore how:

Did you know that life insurance is a vital part of legacy planning?

Life insurance can be a great way to pass on money to your loved ones tax-free. You’ll want to speak with a financial advisor about which life insurance options provide this, but this can be a major benefit!

In addition to the pain of your passing, there are some significant financial burdens that your loved ones could face.

These include the expense of a funeral, debts, and major outstanding expenses. It’s important to consider what sort of expenses your loved ones will be facing on their own if you were to pass. Life insurance can help provide the income to cover expenses like your mortgage or even your child’s college education, and certain kinds of life insurance can even provide you with income in your later years.

Life insurance can help you pay for long-term care expenses.

If you end up in a nursing home or a long-term care facility, the national average stay is two years. If you don’t have the funds on hand or assets to cover the cost of your stay, or if you simply know it’s quite likely you will end up in long-term care based on your health situation, you may want to consider your long-term care insurance options.

Talk to a Professional About Life Insurance

It’s always a good idea to discuss life insurance with a licensed professional. When it comes to life insurance, it is even more important as there are many different types of life insurance that have different capabilities. Make sure to chat with a professional to discuss your goals and values, and what life insurance policy may best help you achieve those goals.

Our financial advisors here at 210 Financial are equipped to help you navigate your life insurance options, understand how it can fit into your current financial planning, and ensure your loved ones are supported even after you are gone. Reach out to our advisors here at 210 Financial for a complimentary review >>

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It is difficult to contemplate your own death or the death of a loved one, but it is important to broach these topics in advance to ensure that your loved ones are supported even after you have gone. And we’re here to help!

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